Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Running From the Border

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?!?!
Last week I was knocked out by quite possibly the worst case of food poisoning ever.
Not Kidding.

It was hot, way hot! I didnt feel like cooking. 
So the Hubs stopped on the way home from work and picked up something.  
I may never be able to look at a particular hard shelled mexican type food again. 

So I'm trying to play catch up now all things work, blog, life, etc. related.
I swear, I think I laid in bed and cried for three days. 

I'm better now, but trying to get my feet back under me!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AliLilly, A Week Of Give Aways & Little Ol' Me!!!!

Okay, ready?!?!
You must visit my absolutely fabulous bloggy friend Ami at AliLilly

She is celebrating 600 followers over at AliLilly. 
She's doing it in a big way!
Ami is having a full week of give aways.
 Just a little something to thank all the awesome followers out there.

And today.......
She has a super mega awesome give away.
Super mega awesome because.....
Life of Perks gets to participate!!

If you have not visited the AliLilly blog you must check it out!
Not only is she my friend! 
She is a super crafty gal who does some of the most amazing crafts & projects.
I get so many ideas I can't keep them straight!
She also makes jewelry, so go check out her AliLilly Etsy Shop 

Visit her blog & enter to win one of my Reusable Market Totes.
You can choose anyone of the following, but you must enter to win at

Pick out the one you love best!

I was always forgetting my reusable shopping bags. So I created these!
They fold up and look just like a wallet, 
making them easy to carry in your purse/ bag.
So you always have it!

Brown & Pink Pleated Market Tote.

They are all approximately 15 x 16 and super sturdy!
When folded it's approximately 5 x 8

Black & Green Ruffled Market Tote.

They can carry almost anything!
Slip it in your purse and use less plastic.

I love the colors on this one!

Blue & Black Pleated Market Tote. 

A perfect size for quick stops at the store.

So hurry and enter so you can pick the one you want!
You must go here to enter to win!!

Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Michaels 40% Off Coupon!!!!!

Spending hours in a craft store.........
It's a crafty girlie's dream!
I browsed our local Michaels today for a little inspiration.
And you know.... to pick up some things that I "needed."

If you haven't gotten it yet, you MUST go to the top my blog 
and click on the Michaels link to print a 40% off coupon.
Print your coupon so you can join me.
I. Love. This. Store.

You can also click here
Michael's 40% Off Coupon

I took some  blurry  pictures. Excuse the slightly sub par quality, 
the Hubs seems to have absconded to another state with my camera.
I had to make due with the camera on my cell phone. 

I could spend hours in the flowers and greenery. 

Just makes your head swim with all the possibilities.......

50 gazillion baskets in all shapes and sizes.
Yes please!
I have a basket love affair. They soothe my need to "organize".
Baskets make it all better, or at least give me a place to hide the  crap  stuff around the house.

Wreaths! My other obsession lately.
I have plans for the wreath I bought today. 
Big plans.
Can't wait to get started on it. 

And look at all that spray paint!!!!!!

goes pitter patter just thinking.......
of all the things that I can (and will) spray paint.

A little ribbon for my wreath plans......

I'm just itchin' to try glass etching.
Anyone done this?

And I just love the sign, it makes me smile.
So click on the link above (or below) and print your 40% off coupon!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Magnetic Message Board

Still workin' on that office redo, but mostly because I keep changing my mind.
I knew I wanted a magnetic message board for the office, we've all seen many versions of this out there.

I picked up the frame for $3 at Salvation Army and spray painted it red. 
I got the piece of sheet metal at Lowe's. 
Now you'd think that running to Lowe's and purchasing the sheet metal would be simple.
You'd think.
This part actually took a couple of months.
I knew what I needed, I knew what aisle it was on. But it was never there.
I'd run in all a twitter with excitement.
eye roll....
Run down the aisle and the spot would be........empty. 
Search for a store employee....
"Sorry lady if it's not there, we don't got it in the back either."
So your telling me that there appear to be hundreds (or thousands) of crafty little gals in the Memphis area ransacking the local hardware stores of all things sheet metal. 
By the way, I checked Home Depot too. 

So...... I'm lucky enough to have a super flexible job that requires a considerable amount of driving all over the city and surrounding counties.

So I just started stopping at all the hardware stores I passed until I found what I needed.  
On the day of the "Great Sheet Metal Purchase" I was standing in line waiting to pay, plotting my escape.  Hunched over my (apparently) much coveted sheet metal when the guy behind me speaks up.
"Hey where'd you find that? It's exactly what I need."
Was he making a magnetic message board for his office too........

I had to cut it. Wear gloves this dude has crazy sharp edges. 
I used regular scissors, a little slow but fine. I just sharpened them after and the scissors are good as new.  
All of you that know me, know how accident prone I am.  
No accidents here this time. 
Look Ma, I still got 10 fingers! YEAH!!

When I started, the plan was to cover the sheet metal with some cute fabric.
But I was playing with my Cricut and did the birdie and I love it.  

The magnets I made with glass craft rocks I found at the Dollar Store, magnets and scrapbook paper.

Just cut and add hot glue, so simple. And I think they turned out great!

I was trying to do something that wasn't too girlie since the Hubs and I both use the office. 

A cute place to show off all those senior pictures of my brother-in-law. 
Yes, you heard me right.
My husband's brother will be graduating high school in a few weeks. 

So I do keep changing my mind...... 
It's done, but......
Now I think I may want to change the color of the frame. I like the red, but got another office idea that may mean I would need change the frame color. 
Geeze. I know right!?!?

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Water, Water & More Water.........

Here's what were dealing with in the Memphis area right now......
We are just east of Memphis, so thankfully, our house is fine at the moment.  
But this is what the city is dealing with right now as the Mississippi River continues to rise.
The river will not crest until May 11th, and we're being to told the water could stick around after the crest for several weeks.  

Memphis Pyramid

Riverside Drive

Comparison with 1937 Flood

Looking down Beale Street towards Riverside Drive. 

This was taken from Mud Island, days before the river over ran the park.  

Mud Island now.

Driving anywhere, you run into scenes like this.

And this...
Can't go any where without having to turn around and try a different route. 

This is from the Arkansas side of the river near the old Memphis Bridge. 

This was the area a few weeks ago.

All the farm land in this flood plain is now under water. 

The river is predicted to rise 5 more feet !!!
A stranded coyote in Ashport, Tennessee. Lauderdale County.

Levee breach north of us in Dyersburg, TN 

Casinos in Tunica, MS just to the south of us are all flooded too. 

Pray for all those that have been or will be affected by the flooding along the Mississippi River. All the tributaries in the area are starting to back up and homes and neighborhoods are being evacuated. 

And today....... It's raining again.

There are organizations that have mobilized to help with disaster relief in the area. 
Donations to Disaster Relief are so very important.