Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have an addiction to making lists and labeling things, I need a twelve step program. Seriously. The Hubs is nervous he'll wake up one morning with a label on his forehead. So my little label maker gets quite the workout. But I've been wanting some new ideas and seen these on several different blogs. did a recent post using vinyl/ chalkboard pen for a project. I fell in love!!! Not wanting to make another jaunt to Hobby Lobby I scraped together what I had around the house. I cut down some scrap wood I found in the garage and drilled holes in the sides.

Painted them with chalkboard paint. All the while the vinyl label idea was looking better and better, because I am so very impatient!!! But as I waited for the paint to dry I kept reminding myself that this was free because I already had everything.

Added some ribbon and voila!!!! Labels to organize all those junk catchers..... umm, I mean baskets.

All now neatly sorted and organized with stuff I already had around the house, but didn't think about until an awesome chick gave me the idea!!!
I'm not in love with the ribbon, it's just what I had. So thinking I may replace it at some point.


Jenglamgirl said...

Hi Brandy Love chalkboard paint. The tags look great. LOVE YOUR KITCHEN remodel too. Have a great night, Jenn

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

These are so neat!
I just love them!
Thank you for sharing!

Scrappy Chic said...

Super idea! I love to organize things...especially when I can make it look cute in the process! I also own both chalkboard paint & the chalkboard what can I find to label :)

mle said...

Hi, my name is mle & I'm a labeler : ) my label maker gets quite a workout but it might be time to give it a break and pull out the chalkboard paint! Cute tags!!
great kitchen redo too!!

Tania Grim said...

very cute. I just ordered some clothing labels for fun for my daughters dresses and purses ect.I really like your idea.So many inspirational blogs.

Kylie said...

LOVE these too!!! Ohhh the baskets I could label! Hmmm I have been wanting to do a panty redo, and this might just be my inspiration!