Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kitchen Remodel On A Budget

Ever wonder if your marriage can withstand anything..... renovate a kitchen with your hubby. If your both still standing when it's over, you're rock solid. I mean really is there anything more stressful than working together on a DIY project AND eating only microwave food for a month???

I loved the layout of our house the minute that I first saw it, but there was much to be done! The kitchen is very spacious but was very..... hmmm. What's the word? Hideous? This is what it looked like when we first looked at the house.

I mean look at the those roosters! What's not to lurve. I was mentally ripping down those roosters on our first trip through the house. Let no one accuse me of not being able to get past the decor of a space to the potential. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your taste) these are the only two surviving "before" pics.

We had a very small budget to work with. So we couldn't afford new cabinets. A little paint and some hardware would have to do. But what we got, was worth it. Proves even with a small budget you can make dramatic changes.

Hubby ripped the back off the counter and built in a bar. Not bad for someone whose never done it before. Alas, granite slab was not in the budget. But I think the granite tile turned out pretty good AND we got a super deal on it, under $600 for all the tile. That's a lot of counter space to cover folks.

Those colors under the cabinet are me trying to decide on the paint color, which of course turned out to be none of the above.

I do desperately want to do something different with that island now and has me hankering for an updated island.
So we ended up tiling the backsplash with matching tile on the floor. It took us a while because we were watching for bargains. The whole mini-reno cost under $2,000 buckaroos!!!!! Not bad!


Kirsty said...

It looks so great! Thanks for sharing!

Kylie said...

I have never seen your kitchen before, and WOW!!! I have always thought it looked great, but to see what you started with makes me want to go paint my cabinets!!!

Guerrina said...

Hi! This is my first time here and you did a GREAT job! What was the process to paint the kitchen cabinets which are an exact match to mine and I'm thinking of painting?

Paula said...

Wow! Impressive! Looks fabulous!

Brandy said...

The process for the cabinets was tedious. But so much more cost effective for us than replacing the cabinets. We took all to doors down and set them up in the garage. Taped off the cabinets in the house and then set out to prime everything. If you prime it you don't have to sand off the finish (from what we were told) We just kind of fumbled our way through on advice from others. After priming we painted cabinets and doors white. This took about three coats, and with the drying time required for the doors (to flip them over for three more coats) this took a while. Once all was painted, we glazed everything to make it look a little distressed. You just brush it on and then wipe off until you have as much or as little as you like.

Hope that helps.

ThisHomeOfOurs said...

Great job...