Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pretty In Pink

I saw a tote bag at Dillards that I fell in love with, and coveted for weeks. Trolling the internet looking for pictures of it, I was starting to feel like a stalker. I needed a larger work bag that during the week could double as a purse while holding all my work stuff, laptop, etc.

The Dillards bag was $80. Have I mentioned that I'm cheap too..... Seriously, I follow Hubs through the house turning off lights and yelling "are you done in here?!?!" My inner penny pincher would just not allow me to buy this bag, but trolling the internet for it was starting to really cut into my time.

Sew..... :-) Sewing is a passion, I love it, it soothes me. Nothing can smooth out the bumps of bad day like a stop at the fabric store to run my hands over bolts of fabric. It can make everything all right, even if I'm only looking.

So, I thought I could make a reasonable facsimile of the Dillards bag and make myself reasonably happy by telling Hubs "Hey look I saved you $80" Here's what I came up with.
Holds the purse organizer with all my personal stuff. Still plenty of room for laptop, notebooks, two cell phones, etc. Yes I said two cell phones, I know. There is definitely a such thing as being too connected.

Then I saw all those cute ideas out there for ribbon flowers and decided I had to make one for my new bag. Bringing my total for my new bag to under $3. Yay!!! I love a bargain.
A little ribbon from Hobby Lobby and my trusty hot glue gun and I had a flower to pin to my bag!!!
Ahhhh!!! Pink makes me giddy. It's not the same bag as the one I salivated over, but it's close. The colors are the same. I debated long and hard about whether or not to buy hot pink vinyl like the store version had, but decided in the long run I wouldn't miss it and just went with what I had.
New double duty bag that carries everything for free, made with all the fabric I already had from other projects. I cut up a cardboard box that was in the garage and sewed it into the bottom liner to reinforce it since my laptop would be in the bag a lot. Worked pretty well.So after getting stood up for a meeting this morning I stopped in at the Salvation Army on the other side of town and I am salivating over an old dresser... It's been marked 50% off, so seriously how can I not buy it? I can't stop thinking about how beautiful it would be painted and distressed. I mean it's $40 I left without it, but it's whispering to me. What's a girl to do?

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Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

Well oh my gosh, how cute is that!?!? You made an adorable bag, Brandy! :)

Paula said...

Love, love, love your taste, girl! Great job! I wanna learn to sew and I even have a sewing machine sitting in my dining room waiting for me! Can you believe I'm more intimidated by the sewing machine than I am of a sliding compound miter saw and/or nail gun (thanks to Ana White and KOW)!

I just found your blog and I'm loving exploring it! I think you have a new follower!

Brandy said...

Thank you Paula, you made my day with your sweet words!!! Most of my sewing is self taught, I am so not an expert. I just enjoy doing things, they don't always turn out right. But I learn a lot along the way. I'm so looking forward to building something else from KOW, but I have to finish some stuff first!!! Thank you again for your encouragement!!

Country Mouse said...

Super cute bag!! Just think of what you spend the other $77 dollars on!!? I, too would have made my own bag! Your bag is adorable!!!:)

Julie said...

That is super cute! I love the colors and patterns and you better do a tutorial on how to make that adorable little flower because I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for linkin to It's Stinkin' Cute Craft Thursday!

brewandcrew said...

I saw this bag in person and I want it. Brandi you need to post step by step with supplies etc...PLEASE!