Saturday, August 28, 2010

Book Cover Re-Visited

I'm still new at blogging,  and trying to remember to take those step by step pictures is still something that eludes me at times.  Sometimes I get excited and carried away by an idea and run to do it.  
Only when I see the end result do I think "crud, why didn't I take pictures...."

But this is a super easy one, you can visualize the process.  
I'm still working on decorating the fantabulous buffet.
Saw this super cute idea to cover a book in several different place, but can't remember them all.  If you know let me know and I'll link back to them.

I used scrapbook paper to make a cover for an old book I had laying around, using Mod Podge to attach it.  Tied a ribbon around it and VOILA!!! 

This one I love. It's simple, but cute.  I placed it on the buffet under my lurvely lamp.  
I'm toying with the idea of doing a couple more books and stacking them.  But also realizing that when I like an idea I may have a tendency to over do it.......... :-)


Country Dreaming said...

What pretty paper.
I bet this looks great on your buffet, I think a couple more books with differnt paper would look fine.


Lauren said...

Thanks for visiting my blog too! Love yours, so I'm following.

I hadn't thought to do the whole paper + mod podge idea on a book. It looks great! And I like how you have the bow on the side near the binding. Really cute!