Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Did That!!!!

There haven't been many times in my life that I could point to something and say "I did that." Let's face it, mostly when I do something the last thing I want to admit is responsibility.
But this time I accept full responsibility for what I've done, with a little help from a truly awesome lady, Ana @ Knockoff Wood
After a few weeks of fruitless searching I gave up. This is the south, it's hot out there. I had
more fun things I wanted to get to.

So, I decided I could just build a buffet for the dining room.
Cue sidelong look & smirk from Hubs when that revelation was made. Not that he didn't think I could do it, he just knows how impatient I can get. He's pretty handy, I'm sure he thought he would end up doing it.

I declared, a bit too loudly, that "I would do this & for free." Using only scraps left over from
previous projects. So I printed up Ana's plans for bookcases and drew all over them. Modifying the height, dividing the shelves, and adding doors.

I wish I had taken a picture of the pile of wood stacked in the garage before I started.... It never occurred to me. I used 1x3's for the top so it would look like planks to match my dining room table, kind of a farmhouse table? I guess? Glued the planks together and clamped them tight.
I only dropped the top on my foot once.
Not bad, cause this gal's an accident lookin' for a place to happen.
(I once broke my toe while painting. Don't ask)
If you look very closely you can see where I had to write "front" with an ➜ to remind myself which way would be the front. Hey whatever works, right?!

I used MDF for the sides and shelf, the legs and trim on the front are 1x2's.
Not to bad so far, right?!?! For a girl with a super handy Hubs, I've helped with a lot of projects. But this is the first one I was on my own with.

The sander died on me while trying to make the top perfect. Hubs said the cost of the new sander should be added to the cost of the project, I disagree. :-)

I've never built a door before, and this took some trial and error. I did end up making a few trips to Home Depot at this point. But the actual molding on the doors was leftovers from another project.

Some may laugh, but the hinges were hard for me!! Way hard, added almost another week to finishing this project. I just couldn't get it to work in my mind. I thought I knew what I needed and then I'd head to Lowe's & Home Depot only to become utterly confused. I ended up going through the house taking hinges off different things (sewing table, armoire, bathroom cabinets) until I figured out what would work. Don't laugh.... at least not as loud as some people did.
This world of hidden, unhidden, mortised, non-mortised hinges baffled me.

When I figured it all out, it seemed too simple to have been confusing.
Part of the problem....... I finally figured out that on the hinge display at Lowe's, all the hinges were hung backwards. It totally confused me. I know, I'm weird.

At this point you're probably wondering if I should be allowed to cross the street alone.
Sometimes you really can think about something TOO MUCH!!

I used Gorilla Glue for the molding on the doors. Love this stuff, it works fast!!! I made quite mess of the bottle!!!
Drag that puppy inside and let the paint party begin!!!
I had the black paint left over from the bathroom remodel.

My much thought about doors even open and close properly.
I did it!!
I think I want some pretty glass pulls for the door, but I am holding out for something that really "speaks" to me.
It's not ornate or fancy but it goes well with the rest of the dining room furniture.
Is it possible to be in love with a piece of furniture???
Something about knowing that you built it from a pile of scrap wood is very exhilarating.
The big question is to distress or not to distress? The rest of the dining room furniture is lightly distressed. So far I just have not been able to bring myself to take a piece of sandpaper to this baby.
Now did I finish this for free? (Like I so stupidly proclaimed at the beginning) Uh...No.
I got a bit carried away running my mouth off to the Hubs. I didn't even think about the hinges, doors, and thin piece I would need for the back. So yes, I did have to spend some money.
Total cost for my new buffet $20.58

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Country Dreaming said...

I'm impressed! You did a great job.

Looks good in the dining room.


AliLilly said...

That looks great!!! Way to go!! I would of been sooooo intimidated!!

Vanessa said...

I'm impressed! Great job!

StepherB said...

Stopping over from Just a Girl! You did a really good job! Can you come make me one? :)

Debbie said...

Brandy I am super impressed, you should be have earned bragging rights! Thanks for joining in on the party....I would love if you added my button..I have two the garage salen one..or my regular debbiedoos...or just even my link...

Jen @ Just for Rachel said...

Wow! Great job! Isn't it such a wonderful feeling when you do it all by yourself?!

I stopped by to say hi, but couldn't resist reading this post! I'll have to stay a while, and read more. Thank you for your comments!


Brandy said...

Thank you Debbie!!! I am fixing it now!! I added it when I linked up, but I must have forgotten to hit save, cause now it's not there. Eeek! I'm still new at this :-)

Anke said...

You made that! I am in awe and totally amazed, you did a fantastic job! I consider myself fairly crafty and handy, but building a piece of furniture is not something I've ever attempted. Great job!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

I am so super impressed by you! That turned out great. I, too, am an accident looking for a place to happen. Me using a saw would be an E/R visit in the making. Your buffet is fabulous! Love it! Much better than the $500 I spent on my black armoire a few months ago because I couldn't find anything at flea market/thrift stores/garage sales. I have no patience either.

Erin said...

Great job! It looks great..and I love how you did it yourself! Your bathroom makeover also looks beautiful. Have a great weekend!

Paula said...

Great job! It looks great! Isn't it so empowering when you get to tell people you built it yourself! I discovered Ana White and a few months ago and have three projects under my belt...Cameron bookshelves, bigger kid picnic table, and a modified media console. I can't believe that I actually built something! I never had an interest in woodworking until I happened upon the KOW site and saw how really easy it is. It's the finishing that's the hardest and most time-consuming. I can't wait to see more of your creations! Great job! said...

great job! give that girl a pat on the back! :)
I made a media center earlier this year from anna's plans.
HINGES! my worst enemy. I cannot wrap my brain around them. I can't tell you how many times I have walked around the house looking at hinges. I collect junk, so I have a stash of hinges. I try this, then that. I know they all have names, but I have too much useful info in my brain to try to remember which hinge is which!
again, great job!

Its So Very Cheri said...

You did a great job. You could always distress just a little here and there (I don't know how distressing MDF would look) and it you don't like it you can paint those few areas again and if you love it the overall piece is still the same.


Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Yes, it's possible to love furniture, and you should! What a tremendous accomplishment!

Erin The Apartment Homesteader said...

Highly impressive! Very nice work!

Twill Jill said...

That looks awesome! I'm not laughing that you took hinges off other stuff to try out. Sometimes you just gotta see it in 3-D to get how it'll work or not work. Your finished product looks amazing!

Mandy's Creative Corner said...

What a great job! I just love the final look =)

JHill said...

Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party this week!

Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Hi Brandy! You have done an amazing job on this piece! Very impressive. I am featuring this today; stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase Party. I greatly appreciate it. Hope you have a fabulous week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

Remodelaholic said...

We love this party link and I wanted to let you know that we are planning on featuring it. We hope that you get a bunch of new visitors.

Green Willow Pond said...

You go girl!! What a great job you did on that buffet. I am a relatively new blogger too. I'm following now. It will be fun to see what you do!

The DIY Show Off said...

Holy cow! I am jealous of your DIY skills! You did a fantastic job! Love it! :)


Jen @ said...

What a great project. It really turned out wonderfully!


Holly said...

I am so really did a great job on this piece.

Please email me to get your Canvas People coupon for entering the DIY Club contest.