Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Things have been a little overwhelming lately, I've been distracted.
I'm having a hard time completing anything.
And I have  a million  several projects that have been abandoned in the middle. 
I wish I could share what's been going on, but can't. 

Soooo.... I have been neglectful of my blog.  I've been neglectful of reading the blogs I love.
My house looks like a junkyard exploded, seriously. And today is our anniversary.  9 years of wedding bliss, being married to my best friend. Can't wait for the years to come! 

That Hubs of mine is a wonder, he amazes me every day.  He listens, really listens
 (even when you would swear he's not :-)

This is what I got for my anniversary!!!!!

Yes peeps!!! A Cricut, I am stupid with excitement.  I am buried under a pile of work right now, so time is limited. But I keep sneaking glances at my new little toy and longing to chuck the work to play.  

All these half finished projects: 
1. Stereo cabinet
2. Little office table
3. Making over an old ottoman
4. Baskets I'm only half finished with weaving
5. Crepe paper wreath
6. Frames I have refinished but not bothered to put pictures in
7. Center piece for the dinging room table. 

They're all going to have to wait...... I have a new toy to play with. As soon as finish my real work that is, I see no end in sight for the paperwork.  So if you don't hear from me..... well, I'm sulking about all the stuff I HAVE to do instead of getting to do the stuff I WANT to do.......


Country Dreaming said...

Wow---Cool toy for your anniversary! Hubby sounds like a keeper.
Hope everything settles down for you soon.


melissa said...

Happy anniversary! I have a Silhouette, that I have hardly ever used. Do a post on all of the cool projects that we can use them for! :)

theyoungjunker said...

You are so lucky! My birthday is next month & im trying like crazy to get one of those...the possiblities are endless :)