Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Raining It's Pouring

......and it's got this old gal snoring.

I have homemade dish washing detergent and all purpose cleaner to blog about.  Although at this point dear hubs may be ready to argue whether said cleaners have actually been "tested" :-)

But after 62 days without rain and continued 80 degree temps all the way to the end of October.....  
Not only is it raining, it's gotten downright chilly.

So while I have much to post about, I am curled up in bed with a large Dunkin Donuts coffee having a General Hospital marathon. Yes, I am guilty. A closeted GH watcher. 

It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, perhaps that will boost my inclinations to share more about household cleaners.  


mel@livvyloowho said...

You are funny! I made some laundry detergent too, but just recently bought some Costco stuff. So very easy:) haha!

Country Dreaming said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!


*Crystal* said...

Haha... closet GH watcher! I thought I was the only one who watched that show anymore... :)

Brandy said...

Oh no, no!! You are not the only one. I Tivo it and have marathons. One of the most tense moments in my marriage came when Mr. Hubs accidently erased a month of GH from the Tivo. ;-) LOL