Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

There are a million takes on this in blog land.
AliLilly had some absolutely fabulous one!!  Check out the one with rosettes, GORG!!

Here's my take on it. 
You need:
1. Coffee Filters- $1 at Dollar Tree
2. A heck of a lot of hot glue! 
Which I have to buy in bulk to satisfy my addiction, 
so I already had it. 
3. A Form to use- This one was $2 at Walmart

AFTER already buying my form I ran across this bit of genius at Honeyscrap
I get excited and run out to buy the materials, if only....... I could have saved $2
It's a great idea and you know how cheap I am......

You can fold up the coffee filters any way that works for you. Making them shorter as you desire.  
I wanted a really full tree to go with my REALLY full wreath :-) 

Keep Going.
Hot gluing the coffee filters didn't take nearly as long as it did for the wreath.
since I'm so slow I'd still be working on it Christmas day.
I'm just meticulous :-)

Working your way up to make the body of the tree.

Totally optional... you can put it on a pedestal of some kind. 
Candle holders work great.

And that's my Dollar Tree jingle bell attached with florist wire. 

That's it!!
Total: $ 4
But I could have cut that in half with just a little more blog hopping in advance.....
Oh for a few more hours in the day!!


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Country Dreaming said...

What cute tree.
One could dip the tips of the filters in food coloring too.
Love it.


Blessed Mommy of 2 said...

Your addition of the coffee filter tree is very lovely! Visiting from CraftOManiac =)

Life in Rehab said...

Nice! I love how ruffly it is!

Kristen said...

Cute tree! All these coffee filter craft ideas are fun!

AliLilly said...

OH!! I love it!! Thanks for the shot out too! Ya know what's funny. I TECHNICALLY didn't have enough tissue paper, hence the red top and the rosettes SHOULD of all been pushed close together. BUT I, and everyone else really likes the way it came out! Thanks again Brandy! :)