Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My $2 Christmas Tree Skirt

For years I've done my tree in red and silver, so I had a red tree skirt. This year I wanted blue and silver, thus requiring a new tree skirt..... What to do?
Christmas tree skirts are expensive ya'll. 
At least the cute ones are.....
So I scoured the blogs for help.  
This one was super cute at Honeyscrap
Looks simple! 

Here's my take on it.
Garden Ridge just happened to have fleece blankets for $1.99 the day after Thanksgiving!!! Bargain! I grabbed several to make a new dog bed and the tree skirt.

For a more in depth ( & ingenious!! ) method of cutting the tree skirt refer back to Honeyscrap. I was lazy and just used my old tree skirt as a template. 

Fold your fleece/cloth in half and then again in fourths. 

Get really lazy and just fold up your old tree skirt to use as a guide. Cut along one seam so it can be wrapped around your tree. 

Cut the excess material into strips for a ruffle.
I have no ruffle footer :-(
It has been requested from Santa
So if your still waiting for Santa to come through as well.....
Just set your sewing machine on the wide stitch, it will make a nice loose line. Holding tight to the top thread pull on the second..... GENTLY! 

Apparently this is a skill I lack.
After breaking your thread, removing and redoing the stitch 3 times. You will need to stop and reinforce your coffee with a little supplement. 
Some Baileys works nicely!!!!!

Now your sufficiently calmed, complete the ruffle. When it's all "ruffled" to your satisfaction take the two threads and tie them together to hold the ruffle.  

Sew on the ruffle around the edge of the tree skirt. I added some velcro along the edges to hold it closed. Since I know that Queen Kitty will try to sleep on it, reinforcement will be necessary!!!!!!!!

The tree is FINALLY done!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the way the blue & silver turned out. But have you ever noticed how hard it is to get a picture of a Christmas tree?  This isn't the best picture, the glare from the lights.... 
Maybe there's a better way to photograph a tree?  Like let Mr. Hubs do it since he's the photographer in the family. 

No I'm off to  my Punctuation Overusers Anonymous Group    to get some Christmas presents to put under that tree!


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That was smart and what a deal! I made my out of an old dress, check out my blog.

Anonymous said...

yes i have been reading up on stuff like this for a few weeks now.it seems alot of people are writing articles about this subject matter.keep up the great work..

Bella said...

Hey Brandy, this turned out great, and the price is perfect.

I FEATURED you today girl, sorry its late. I appreciate you linking to **Amaze me AUgust** and come grab a button girl, and display it proudly!!

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