Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sombebody Stop Me!!!

I can't stop, I may need an intervention.
Yes, I've made another wreath. 
I kind of salivated over Just A Girl's pine cone wreath
 and decided I needed to try it myself.  
I mean a girl can't have too many...... right??
If I'm being honest, I love her's more.

I struggled with the procurement of the right size pine cones.
I found bags of pine cones at Dollar General for 75% off with the Thanksgiving decor. 
But I ended up having to buy a bag of potpourri pine cones at Garden Ridge to get tiny ones.  I like free better, but over all I think it's not too bad.

For the journey to Christmas"tize" the dining room, I think it helps. The wreath form I chose was too small to line the inside with pine cones, so I wrapped it with the blue ribbon.  

I think I need to re-visit the based of my Coffee Filter Tree
The red is throwing me off......

But overall I think it's coming together. 
For this:
wreath form at Dollar Tree- $1
2 bags pine cones- $2
tiny pine cone potpourri- $5 
I already had the ribbon
Wreath for $8, works for me. 

In other news. 
I finally finished all my work and get to enjoy the week off, only to wake up sick. 
Ugh! But...... 
It snowed here last night!!!
 Just a little dusting that's already melting, but I'll take what I can get.

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Country Dreaming said...

Love the wreath and I like the fabric inside--makes it look really festive!

Have a great day.


Lisa Davis said...

Wow...impressive! Maybe I can convince my husband to let me work part time so I can spend the rest of my time making things! I want to be creatively talented!!!

AliLilly said...

HAHA! I have this obsession too! and I think your wreath looks GORGEOUS! :)