Saturday, February 26, 2011

Betsy The Stereo Cabinet

She's cool.
She's a little retro
She's sleek.
She's ginormous.
Seriously, like 6 feet long.
And I call her Betsy.
It's not crazy to name your furniture.....right?!?!?

Best of all, she's got all kinds of cool hidey holes that whisper sweet nothings to my need to "organize".

Of course I had to have her!
Because she was whispering "take me with you, take me with you".  I promise there were no cocktails involved.
So I bought Betsy for $40 at Salvation Army.
Impulsive, I of course paid BEFORE even thinking....
This would not fit in my trusty Saturn. 

I bought her because I needed her.
As everyone who hasn't owned a stereo for 15 years needs a 6 foot stereo cabinet. 
Betsy couldn't get home until three days later... 
she must have been terribly lonely.

It's not so bad in the picture, but the stain someone added was icky.
That's my professional opinion of course. 
Operation Paint It Black Begins.
Sung like a crazy lady throughout my house Rolling Stones style.
Cue the sidelong look and head shake from Mr. Hubs.
So this will bring organization to the craziness that is my office. 

In the days to come, we would  argue fiercely  discuss what to do with those doors.  He usually just steps back and lets me have my way, what a great man I have!

But he  was stubborn as heck  had some nifty ideas!

I am hoping to show it to you very soon!!


Country Dreaming said...

She looks great and i can't wait to see her finished!

Hope to see you sometime soon at Dreaming.

Enjoy your Saturday.


CNM said...

You have a great blog and I wanted to share a little award with you. Come check it out at

Hope you had a great weekend!